Different Types Of Letter Of Credit (L/C)

Letter of Credit are classified into various types according to the method of settlement employed. All credits must clearly indicate in major categories. Sight payment credit. Deferred payment credit. Acceptance credit. Negotiation credit. Red close credit. Revolving credit. Stand by credit. Transferable credit.

Color Fastness To Water ( ISO105 EO1& EO2) Test Procedure

Color fastness to water ( ISO105 EO1& EO2) Test Procedure are given below:- Sample size: Cut the specimen & multi-fibre at 10×2cm & sewn together. Solution: Wet in distilled water at room temperature & it will suck water. Place it in acrylic resin plates & put the weight on to the plates. Keep it in […]

Color Fastness To Washing (ISO/05-CO6) Test Process

Color fastness to washing (ISO/05-CO6) test process is given below: Size of specimen: Cut sample & multifibre at (10 × 2)cm then stitch. Detergent: 4g/l ECE detergent (WOB) + 1g/l sodium per borate put in distilled water & cooled at 20°C & measured PH (where necessary). Run the program in the following way: -

Effluent Treatment Plant Of Textile

ETP -(Effluent Treatment Plant) Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a plant by which waste water is treated in order to make the waste water environmental friendly. Effluent Treatment makes sure that water releases meet Bangladesh Environmental Association water quality standard. It is very important and essential to keep the environment pollution free.

Physico-Chemical Treatment Plant

In this process effluent water are mainly converted into sludge of metal complex by chemical reaction. Then it is separated from the water and dried and dipped into soil. But the sludge remain activate which is harmful. Effluent   >   Sludge of metal complex   >     Dry sludge   >    Dipped into soil .